Data Visualizations

Stories told with the help of Excel spreadsheets, GeoJSON data, and JavaScript.

Tableau Map of Races in Cape Town

This map of Cape Town was created using metadata from the 2011 Census of South Africa. The raw data was cleaned using Excel and the shapefile was converted using QGIS so that it could then be visualized and customized in Tableau.

Map of Women's Porn Preferences in the U.S.

This map’s data was gathered from PornHub Insights, and then visualized and customized using Mr. Data Converter and Datawrapper.

Charts on Aboriginal Homicides in Canada

These charts were produced using data from the Canadian Homicide Survey (2014) and the General Social Survey (2014) from Statistics Canada. The metadata was cleaned in Excel, and then visualized as static graphics using Adobe Illustrator.

Chart on the Rise of Feminist Porn

The data for this chart was gathered from the International Adult Film Database, cleaned using Excel and then visualized using Datawrapper.

Map of Cricket Clubs in South Africa

The data for this map was supplied by Statistics South Africa and Sports and Recreation South Africa (SRSA). It was cleaned using Excel, and then visualized using Tableau and Carto.